Beginner and Intermediate Sushi Classes

Beginner Class:
In this nearly two hour class, we'll teach you how to make perfect sushi rice every time, how to make all of those sauces you crave at the sushi bar (from Bang Bang sauce to eel sauce), where to shop & what to buy as well as how to safely and confidently serve raw fish at home according to health department regulations!  
Intermediate Class: 
Advanced lesson for beginner grads, this class will cover breaking down an entire tuna loin (the most cost effective way to buy tuna), making spicy tuna and using it for rolls and nachos, how to make topped rolls, making nigiri and sashimi and much more.
During the pandemic, we are only offering these classes online via video, both of which include emailed shopping lists for Shipt, Amazon and Instacart, so you can get your supplies delivered while you stay safe and sound at home!